Adrenal Body Type: One Of Four Body Types

Published: 11th May 2011
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Should you suffer from excessive fat, and experiencing the effects of it like high blood pressure levels, and the like, then its time you decide to go on a diet. Everyone has a unique body shape though this means you should take notice of the differing types. Lots of people have round bellies, and others might have larger thighs.

These variations in figure are the result of hormonal imbalances that enable the body to store fat in more places than others. Six hormones are responsible for shedding fat, while there are only 3 types of hormones that store fat. Every one of these hormones are triggered by different things.

A diet regimen is helpful in order to maintain a healthy weight. However, some regimens might not exactly work with your body type. A good solution then, is a body type diet that caters to your distinctive body type.

You'll find four main body types and then there are programs that strictly follow a body type diet for every single kind. Know your body type first prior to going with a specific body type diet.

Adrenal Body Type.
This body type is caused by being suffering from constant stress. Stress overworks your body, and drains it. Your body reacts to this by releasing cortisol that stores fat as an extra power source for your body in times of need. Dark circles about the eyes, a fat belly, cravings for sweets and salty food...these are just a few of the symptoms of an adrenal body type. A body type diet with this kind of body needs a good dose of calcium and vitamin c, green veggies. To go with this body type diet, an easy and slow workout is also advisable.

Ovary Body Type
This body type is undoubtedly exclusive to women only. Women who carry excessive fat about the hips, and a tummy bulge under the navel are considered to possess this body type. Dairy foods will be the cravings for these people, and a body type diet recommends a good portion of cruciferous vegetables. These veggies are antiestrogenic. It indicates they counteract the consequences of excess estrogen levels. Protein from hormone-free meat are also advisable in this particular body type diet, alongside light and intense exercise.

Thyroid Body Type
Evidence of having this type of body is an even distribution of mass everywhere in the body, and craves sweets, and is particularly likely enduring depression. Brittle nails and dry hair can also be symptoms of a thyrobody type. A Body type diet for this body should constitute of iodine-rich vegetables, complimented with intense but short-duration exercise.

Liver Body Type
Liver type bodies are the effect of a malfunctioning liver. Usually, these folks are afflicted with dandruff and jaundice, and are irritable each morning. An effective body type diet for liver type bodies needs to include potassium-rich foods, together with a good dose of fish and eggs to interchange fat with protein. As for an exercise routine, intense but short workouts will compliment this body type diet.

A body type diet allows you to control weight effectively, since it targets the particular hormonal imbalances that take control of your metabolism. However, an individual must commit to this sort of regimen of body type diet with proper exercise to obtain the ideal results.

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